Who we are...

The LOGHSMAN LEMC is a Law enforcement motorcycle club.


The members are active or retired officers of the state and federal police,

just as members of further law enforcement agencies.


In exceptional cases, membership for non-members of the above organizations is subject to unrestricted compliance with the law and loyalty possible with the club in individual cases.


The LOGHSMAN LEMC was founded  by former full members of another LEMC.

The aim is to promote exchange and cohesion among its members and their families. We are sharing the passion for motorcycling, travelling and celebrating parties and events.


The LOGHSMAN LEMC is a democratic club and distances itself clearly from so called “Outlaw MCs”

and from all “1%er” activities. Our club doesn`t maintain any contact with criminals or MCs,

MF or group which tolerate them in their ranks. We abide the law of every country.

We don´t seek conflicts with anybody, we don't have a Clubhouse

and don´t have any territorial claims.


We don´t sell patches. Everybody has to earn them by respect, loyalty and brotherhood.

We wear our bottom rocker to signify the country we call “Home”.


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